Ashton Silom condo for sale down payment

ขายดาวน์คอนโดสีลม Ashton silom ชั้น 23

ขายดาวน์คอนโดสีลม Ashton silom ชั้น 23 ตำแหน่งของห้อง 23-01 1 bedroom 1 bathroom 49 sqm. หันหน้าทิศตะวันออก

ขายดาวน์คอนโดสีลม Ashton silom  ขายคอนโดแอชตั้นสีลม ขายราคา 12,772,000 บาท  ราคา ขายดาวน์ 2,347,200 บาท ยอดที่ต้องโอนกับโครงการอีก 10,424,800 บาท


ขายดาวน์คอนโดสีลมแอชตั้นสีลม Ashton silom

Condo for sale, Ashton Silom

คอนโดผ่อนดาวน์หมดเรียบร้อยแล้วแล้ว รวมทั้งหมด 1,842,200 บาท
(ยอดเงินจอง 50,000 + จ่ายเมื่อวันทำสัญญาอีก 563,400 + และผ่อนรวม 32 งวด ยอดรวม 1,228,800 บาท)


Condo for sale, Ashton Silom (Sell down payment )


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Condo for sale Ashton Silom


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Sell payment Silom Condo


Condo for sale, Ashton Silom ( Sell down payment )


Condo developed by Ananda Development.
only 350 meters from BTS Chong Nonsi
“Create your own history”
Project Condominium: Aston Silom
#Detail of condo Project

Aston Silom Condo for sale down payment

Total No. Of condo Units 429 Units
Residential Units total 428 units, and Shop unit 1 unit.
Total Floor of floor : 48 Floors

#Roomcodomimuim Information:
Unit: 23-01
Room Type : 1 Bedroom on
Room Size: 49 Sq.m.
Unit Located: 23 Floors
View Direction: East
Sales Price 12,772,000 THB

Median price/ Sq.m. 260,653 THB
(Lower than market price)
For Down payment of 2,347,200 THB**
on Transfer: 10,424,800 THB.
Total price 12,772,000 THB

# Location of Condominium Project
Ashton Silom , Bang Rak, Bangkok

Ashton Silomsituated only 350 meters from BTS stantion(Chong Nonsi)
Surrounded by 4 BTS and MRT stations very conveniencr, Near BTS Chong Nonsi and
BTS Surasak, Near MRT Silom and BTS Sala Daeng.

Maps >

#Special Promotions.

1. With 2 Air conditioners
2. Nice Shower Box
3. Curtains with Good Standard
4. Cooker hood /Counter/ Electric stove / Sink *Standard type from condo
5. Special Digital Door lock

Conditions of Condo
– Sinking fund of Bht 850.0 per square.m (pay one time only)
– Maintenance fee of Bht 85.- per square.m. (pay 1 year in advance)
– Tax and Transference fee of ownership shared equally 50:50 (50%paid by seller 50% by purchaser)

Facilities of Condominium

-Swimming Pool, and Kid’s Pool, Onsen and Jacuzzi,
-Fitness Center. and Private Fitness, Changing Rooms and WC,
-Stream Room, Sauna Room, and Massage Room,
– Library, Business Lounge, Sky Deck,Theatre Lounge,
– Nice Outdoor Lounge, Social Club, and Botanical Lounge

|BTS and MRT
BTS Station: Surasak,Chong Nonsi,
MRT Station: Silom, Sala Daeng

More information of Condominuim please contact us:
Khun May @Property Dsure
(Best Property – Best Agency)

Call: 089-464-2265
Line id: 0628636699



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